Our Story

Walk into town. Grab a slice. A cold drink. Then keep on keeping on. That’s Benny’s. And that’s how life is meant to be.
Sure the slice is key. Golden brown crust with a white creamy mozz, lightly crisped with bubbles. But it’s the lifestyle that matters. Easy. Breezy. Delicious. Benny’s Pizza.

Who's Benny?

Benedito “Benny” was a man of compassion, dedication, and good taste. Born in the old country, raised in Brooklyn, Benny spent his youth in the kitchen of Tiro A Segno (the century-old Italian gun-club of Manhattan). He worked under countless Italian chefs and served a generation of city leaders and cultural icons.

Unknown circumstances forced him to leave the city and he landed in a small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He began making pizza pies for his neighbors out of a brick oven he built off his back porch. He became quite popular within the community.

pizza box

Benny's Legacy

Three decades later and Benny continues to serve his community with his signature 28” pies. He has been an inspiration to us here at “Benny’s” and a driving force behind our restaurant’s personality and recipes. His anonymity is important which is why every “Benny’s” has a different name reflecting the town it is within.

Slice Life

We hope to bring Benny’s 28” pies to every town in need of a little compassion, loyalty, and of course, great pizza.