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Benny’s was born out of necessity. Ever since we first opened in 2011 we have provided quick, quality meals at a price that everybody can afford. Sit down, have a beer or take off running. Order a whole pie and feed 2 families. We limit our toppings and we don’t count pennies so everything stays simple. After all, pizza is the best 5-letter word in the English language so there is no reason to overthink it.

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When somehow asks if the weather in Blacksburg is nice... @sakinananji

Guys only want one thing @haastehan #pizza #typical

Heartbreak in South Bend, but still proud of our Hokies

The win yesterday was clear, the rest of the night, a little blurry #hokies #drinkingtown #footballproblem @lydialk8

Sundays are so much brighter after a win #hokies #500

There are many acceptable solutions to bad losses... #liquor #pizza #icecream

Summer nights festival lights #steppinout #blacksburg #festival @michaelalm

Our new favorite puppy #pizzabones @gottalovebenny

RIP Big Als & Poor Billy's. You've made men out of tens of thousands of us and turned ladies into... better ladies. You challenged us with your staircase and your bathroom mirror placement was uncanny. Blacksburg will never be the same again.

RIP Sycamore Deli, known to many as "the sandwich cave" and known to all as the best stage in Blacksburg. You taught us that every sandwich should be served with a fresh cookie and we will be lost without Tugboat Tuesdays.

The best dock is the one with pizza #boatdelivery #lakelife #sml

This is exactly what summertime in Blacksburg feels like #swva #nrv @kimberlytrotter

Graduate or stay in Blacksburg forever?

Skip finals and take on a real challenge #bennys

Nothing we love more than Benny's pizza and Coca Cola ❌⭕
#bennys #cocacola @julia_immordino