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Benny’s was born out of necessity. Ever since we first opened in 2011 we have provided quick, quality meals at a price that everybody can afford. Sit down, have a beer or take off running. Order a whole pie and feed 2 families. We limit our toppings and we don’t count pennies so everything stays simple. After all, pizza is the best 5-letter word in the English language so there is no reason to overthink it.

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There are at least 3.14 reasons to eat a piece of Pi today #nationalpiday #piday2019 #bennys

Benny's: voted best wallpaper shop in Blacksburg @elledecor @southernlivingmag @_maggievaughan

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Happy National Pizza Day!

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Blacksburg- where nobody judges you #notimeforhands

To build a better world, start in your community. -Chinese fortune cookie

Tag someone who is cutting back on pizza in 2019 and tell them good luck #newyearsresolution #fail
Photo cred: @eatingwith_leah

Tis the season... to eat bennys #holidayfood @meghanfinleyy

Girls gotta eat #bennys

Can't tell its cold out when your dancin and eatin pizza


Thanksgiving break can wait til Sunday, there's still work to be done DT #beatmiami