Pizza Franchising is King

$50 billion dollars is how much the American pizza industry generates annually. Want your own piece of that pie? Benny’s is quickly expanding and looking for people with the drive to achieve their own success story.

Franchising a Benny’s is an amazing opportunity to become tight within your community, be part of an exciting and respected business, and secure an impressive ROI.

Why Benny’s?

We are more than just giant slices. Of course we are proud of being voted “Best Pizza” in most of the towns we are in but it is the connection we have with people that sets us apart. We help revitalize historic downtowns, redefine bar scenes, and recreate people’s downtown routines. You don’t go into town just for pizza, you go for Benny’s.

People love Benny’s, our Instagram feeds attest to that. It’s the size of the slice, the low price, the quick order, the consistency, the high quality of all of our ingredients. But most of all, it is the strength of our brand and the recognition of our concept that fuels our success.

Simple Model, Easy Money

Ready to get started? Fill out the contact form for more info. We would love to hear where you think a Benny’s is needed. No project is too big and no town is too small.


Getting Started

We have a standard procedure for franchise candidates.  Please know that due to many different factors, the timeline is subject to change.  However, we will be with you every step of the way.

Full Training Provided

We will be there for you every step of the way, and will provide continued support.

-On The Job in-store Training

-Operations and Administration Training

-Grand Opening Support and Initial Team Training

-Vendor Set Up

What to Expect

Complete the application, both personal and financial.  Information is held confidential.  During this time we will also evaluate your preferred geographical locations listed on your application.  At the beginning of the evaluation process, you will sign a NDA before moving forward.  The decision to award a franchise will be determined based on numerous factors meant to mutually benefit both parties.