Benny’s Challenge

Current Times to Beat

For Amateur Eaters: 28 minutes

For Professional Eaters: 28 minutes

The Benny’s Challenge is open from 2-5 PM and 8-11 PM daily (unless otherwise approved by a manager). Contestant and staff must sign a waiver indicating whether the participant is Professional or Amateur.

About the Challenge Pizza

The contestant must purchase one Benny’s Challenge Pizza for $35.

Benny’s Challenge Rules

  • The Benny’s Challenge is a pizza eating challenge open to all individuals 18 years and older.
  • Residents under 18 years old may participate with their guardian’s consent.
  • Previous Challenge winners are prohibited from re-entering the Challenge.
  • The clock starts the first time the pizza is touched.
  • Any beverage is allowed (soda, water, beer)
  • Bathroom breaks are not permitted.
  • If contestant claims to be an amateur eater, Benny’s requires 3 days to review claim before victory is declared.

Contestants will be disqualified for any of the following:

  • Starting prior to start signal
  • Vomiting on premises before, during, or after the challenge
  • Sharing pizza/crust
  • Cheating
  • Lying about amateur eating status

Challenge Awards

  • $280 Check issued within 30 days of Challenge ($100 for professionals)
  • Benny’s Challenge T-Shirt
  • Picture posted to website and in the store with time completed
  • Bragging rights


Take the Challenge

Think you have what it takes? Find a Benny's shop near you to take the Benny's Challenge.

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