Benny Ravello’s in Charleston is hiring.

Level: Crew Member
Job Location: Benny Ravello’s – Charleston, SC
Position Type: Full Time
Salary Range: Avg. $18/hr with tips

Who we are?

Benny’s Pizza started in Virginia and has been serving giant slices of pizza for 10 years.  Benny’s is built on simplicity.  We serve pizza and we expect it to be perfect every time. We provide excellent service so our customers tell their friends and do our marketing for us. We keep our stores clean so people keep coming back for more.  Benny’s eliminates all the worst parts about working in restaurants and keeps the fun.  Our crew doesn’t spend time cleaning ice machines, unclogging soda lines, or doing huge piles of dishes, we focus on making great pizza.

 Who we are looking for?

Do you want to enjoy coming to work?  Do you want to say, “I love my job and the people I work with”?  Do you want to make people happy?  Have you been wanting to learn how to make pizza? Here’s your chance.  We are looking for individuals that are ready to become part of a team.  Serving customers is the top responsibility of this job.  If working with people isn’t for you then we encourage you to find a job that suits you.  We are looking for people that enjoy making people smile by serving them delicious food.  We want each person to leave the shop knowing they will be coming back again.  Each pizza that goes over the counter should be perfectly cooked, golden brown crust with gooey cheese.  We don’t want people that are willing to settle for okay or just alright, we want the best because that is what our customers deserve.

What will Benny’s do for you?

Benny’s can help you at any level you are at in your life.  If you are hoping to make some summer cash or build a career you can be proud of, we are happy to help.  We want to work with people that strive to make Benny’s better.  We expect staff to find issues and relay them to management so that we can all continue to improve.   By working with our staff we will be able to quickly identify people that want to grow with Benny’s and turn this job into something bigger.  From the day you start we want you to be part of Benny’s growth and to get you started we offer the following.

  • Competitive pay
  • Career growth from crew to store ownership
  • Health insurance
  • 401k  (waiting period may apply)
  • Paid vacation
  • Job Security (Moving to a town where there’s another Benny’s?  You’ll be transferred to that location)
  • Shhh – A Christmas party that gets talked about all year long

Next Steps?

Ready to make some pizza. Please do the following

  • Send your resume
  • Why are you a good fit for Benny’s?
  • What is the best pizza topping?
  • If you have time to lean; you have time to?
  • What did you like least about your last job?